Creating a Digital Backpack

1. In your digital backpack please create a new page for each of your classes.
  • Math
  • Science & Engage
  • Language Arts (In here create a Reader's Workshop & Writer's Workshop page & link)
  • Social Studies
  • Science Literacy
  • Goals (If not done already)

    • Please remember to create a unique page title & to link your new pages to your digital backpack
2. Once you finish creating your pages add any digital creations you have made for each class so far this year

Mrs. Brown's Page

Brown's Homeroom

Pierce M.
Nikki B.
Josh B.
Lira B.
Bridget C.
Owen D.
Claire E.
Claudia E.
Drew F.
Jon G.
Nick H.
Alec H.
Nina H.
Cole H.
Grace J.
Katie K.
Dhravid K.
Amelia M.
Richard P.
Laurent S.
Hadin S.
Sawyer S.
Teri S.
Zoe T.
Carina V.
Phillip W.
Brennen W.

Fitzgerald's Homeroom

Leo A.
Blaise B.
Shannon B.
David B.
Adam B.
Madeline B.
Toland C.
Anna C.
Hannah D.
Graham E.
Max H.
Brody H.
Molly K.
Nick L.
Mia L.
Evan M.
Jack M.
Sullivan P.
Sara P.
Angela R.
Jaden R.
Ross S.
Ava S.
Nate S.
Vivian W.
Jake W.
Charlie W.